Another successful match for Rob Swan at Partridge Lakes!

Rob Swan had a fantastic year in 2016 and has framed in a number of matches despite still being at school!

Rob, who secured a sponsorship deal with Guru when he attended our Match Academy event back in the summer, has regularly been beating older and far more experienced anglers, and he ended the year in style with second place on the Partridge Lakes Xmas match.

He revealed: “I was there bright and early ready for the draw, and I was first to pull out a peg and couldn’t believe it when I ended up with exactly the same one as I’d fished the previous week on the winter league – Peg 2 on Willow, where I won my section with 21lb!

“Although I was optimistic of a good days fishing, I knew I would probably have to catch ‘dobbing’ along the bank again as last time I never had a bite elsewhere in the peg.

“I chose to set up similar to the previous week, but refined things slightly, setting up a track rig in open water at 13m, plus 3ft and 4ft lines across to the island to my right where I would fish with maggots.

“As expected, despite trying these lines I never managed a single bite, and it was my banker line with my ‘dobbing’ maggot rig which produced again. This was tied using 0.12mm Pure fluorocarbon to six inches of 0.10mm Pure and tied to a size 20 F1 Maggot hook.

“I had a brilliant day, catching along the bank at 14 to 16m and fishing mid-depth in around 5ft of water, with odd fish coming throughout the match. I was flicking my rig past my pole tip with about four foot between it and the float, as I’d found that by keeping my pole tip well out of the way I was able to catch the bigger, more wary carp that would otherwise spook on any sudden sharp movement of the pole.

“I ended the day with with over 20 carp and F1s, with the best carp going around 5lb and a bonus perch of 2lb, which I was very happy with. I weighed in 53lb which was good enough for second place out of the 200-strong field, so it was a great end to the year!”