Andy Pell Wins Again!

With the next round of Team Guru’s winter league immanent, team captain Andy Pell stormed to victory in an open match at Castle Ashby. Here’s how his day unfolded…

“With the change in conditions as autumn turns into winter, we have to adapt our methods to the way the fish feed and find what they respond to. I drew a good area on Grendon Pond and decided to fish two different lines through the match. The first one was a 24-gram X-Safe Method, with a three-inch hook length of 0.19mm N-Gauge, attached to a size-16 LWG. My second line of attack was set up on a lighter rod, spooled up with braid. I chose a lighter hook link because I wanted to fish worm to try for the more sensitive bites.

I started the day fishing the method with little success, only receiving one bite within thirty minutes. So, a change was in order. I swapped over to the cage feeder, which I had been feeding from the start of the match. The change made all the difference, with three fish in as many casts falling to my rod, including a 3lb bream.

After the initial run of fish I was only catching small roach and perch, so halfway through the match I moved back onto the method feeder. I added five more carp including a couple of small ones to the keepnet, along with a few more small fish before the match was over.

I had caught much more than those around me and when the scales arrived they registered 21lb, after adding on my five carp that counted as 3lb each. That was enough to win the match and continued my good run at this venue. Round five of the winter league is fast approaching and I hope Team Guru can come out on top again.”