Mark Griffiths returns to form at Meadowlands Fishery!

After a disappointing first round in the Meadowlands Teams of Three, Mark Griffiths managed to find his form again for round two!

Despite not getting the peg that he wanted – the match was won from that swim – he made the best of his draw and ended up finishing second overall individually.

He revealed: “The previous round had been disappointing as I’d finished eighth out of the 14 anglers in my section, so this week I was determined to do better and spent some time prepping rigs and tying hook lengths. I was looking forward to the match despite it raining all day!

“Everyone on my lake wanted peg 35 as round one had been won from there and it seemed like it was ‘fish soup’ in front of it at the moment! But I pulled out peg 18 which I was more than happy with as I know that area of the lake is good for skimmers and the odd carp.

“My approach to the swim was to simply chuck the bomb around for the first hour, using a wafter or pop-up to try and pinch an early carp. Then I would start fishing the pole at 15m for skimmers and possibly the odd rogue carp, and I also had a rig set up that I could fish to the bush to my left hopefully for a carp.

“When the match started I went straight onto the bomb as planned, but three casts and an hour later, all I had to show for my efforts was a couple of line bites, so it was time to switch to the pole and concentrate on skimmers.

“My rig for this line was a 4x14 Mick Wilkinson Steady to 0.15mm N-Gauge, with a 0.10mm Pure hook link to a size 18 F1 Pellet hook, with Daiwa pink Hydrolastic completing the set-up.

“I shipped out and had a 1lb skimmer first drop, so that was a blank avoided! I continued to fish this line with 4mm expander pellets on the hook and fed 4mm fishery pellets plus some micros.

“The skimmers seemed to be switching off and on the feed, but I was managing to pick them off in-between the quiet spells. I did also manage to hook two carp, landing one of them, but I think the other was foul-hooked as it tore off – that’s what I told myself anyway to make me feel better about losing it!

“I did try my line by the bush when it was quiet, but I never had a bite there and all of my fish came on the long pole, with around 20lb of skimmers, plus the bonus carp, and I ended the day with 34lb 2oz. That turned out to be enough for second but a mere 97lb behind first place on peg 35!

“I was pleased with the result, but on the team front, although Andy Pell and Geoff Ringer held their own on rock-hard sections of Lamsdown Lake, we finished sixth out of 14 on the day – although poor old Pelly lost a carp that could have actually given us the team win!”