Fantastic new ready-tied pole hook links are here!

Guru have just released a great new range of ready-tied rigs designed with the pole angler in mind.
There are three different hook patterns available and each is tied with a bayonet-style hair rig, making them all ideal for baits such as pellets, corn, meat and mini boilies, and each rig is 6 inches long.
At the lighter end of the scale you have the F1 Pellet Rigs, which as the name suggests is perfect for targeting F1s, and these PTFE-coated F1 Pellet barbless hooks are tied to a suitable diameter N-Gauge line.
They come in a range of sizes, from a size 14 to 0.15mm line right down to a size 22 to 0.11mm, with a size 16 to 0.13mm, and both the size 18 and 20 tied to 0.11mm N-Gauge.
If you need something more heavy duty, then the LWG Spade End rigs are the perfect choice and come in a variety of sizes to different breaking strain lines to cover pretty much any pole angling situation.
The smallest, a size 20 is on 0.11mm N-Gauge, with size 16 and 18 hooks to 0.13mm hook links, a size 14 to 0.15mm, and the largest, a size 12, is tied using 0.17mm line.
For real extreme pole fishing where larger carp are present and heavy elastics are being used, then look no further than the XS Carp pole rigs, which are tied using the spade-end X-Strong Carp barbless hooks.
The size 10 will be sufficient for landing most fish you’re likely to hook as it is tied using 0.22mm line. The size 12 is on 0.19mm; size 14 on 0.17mm; size 16 on 0.15mm; and size 18 on 0.13mm.
All three patterns feature perfectly tied spade-end hooks, as neat as anyone can tie them up themselves, and with a figure-of-eight loop knot at the other end for easy attachment to your line.
They all come neatly packaged on cards that make them easy to use – no knots as you try to unravel them! – plus they will fit into the Guru Rig Cases.
A pack of eight 6 inch ready-rigs, in any of the three hook patterns, will cost £2.99, and they are in tackle shops from next week, or available via: https://www.korda24.com