Six tips for massive match bag

Fresh from smashing his PB match weight with an amazing 338lb of F1s from Monk Lakes in Kent, Guru’s Pemb Wrighting shares his tips for putting together a massive match-winning bag of your own.

1) Be organised. By this I mean have everything to hand. The last thing you want is to have to get off your box throughout a match. Having everything close by will save valuable time.

2) Have plenty of spare hook lengths. I’m not one for having masses of rigs tied, I just make sure my main line is durable enough for what I’m doing. But I do like a lot of hooks tied ready to go. Not just incase you get snapped up, but you could have your hook point turn over, bait band snap off, all manner of things. Fishing with hook lengths has no down points in my eyes.

3) Fish light! By this I mean light elastics and hook lengths. I’ve caught some huge weights with White Hydro and 0.11mm N-Gauge, so long as everything is balanced you’ll be fine. This should also lead to your next bite coming quicker.

4) Big hooks means less missed bites and fewer fish lost to me. I often use a 16 LWG for a 4mm banded pellet. It looks a bit strange but I can guarantee you’ll miss less bites and hook more fish.

5) Take plenty of bait. You my not need it all, in fact you probably won’t. But the last thing you want is to draw the peg you’ve been dreaming of and not have enough bait to capitalise on the situation.

6) Use a small landing net. Obviously don’t pick a net that won’t fit your quarry in, but try and get away with the smallest and lightest net possible. It makes netting fish (something your hopefully be doing a lot of!) so much more quicker and easier, saving valuable seconds every time.

Good luck when you’re next out on the bank, hopefully filling plenty of nets!