Ali Hamidi is left feeling a bit left out in this week's episode of The Big Fish Off as he lines up alongside three athletes that have competed at the highest level, but what he may lack in athletic talent, he certainly makes up for in his competitiveness when it comes to scoring a victory!

Episode three of the new series sees Ali Hamidi and Dean Macey being joined by 100m legend Linford Christie, who took gold at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, and 400m Olympic bronze medallist Katharine Merry - she was coached by Linford, so they'll find themselves on opposing sides for a change.

Neither Linford nor Katharine have fished before, but they are in expert hands with their team captains as they head off towards the Welsh border to sample some fishing in the beautiful Wye Valley.

The River Wye is renowned as one of the best rivers, for fishing, in the UK, and the show gets underway with the two teams stood thigh deep in water as the celebrity guests try to master the art of trotting a float.

The basis of this first challenge should appeal to both teams, as it is all about speed, and whoever can catch the most fish swill score the victory. With plenty of chub and small barbel to target, it is going to be tight.

Whatever you're tipple - theres something for everyone in tonights show!

The Olympic special - Linford Christie and Katherine Merry join Ali and Deano!

There is a similar theme to challenge two, but this time the teams will have their sights set on larger quarry and they will be using legering tactics. There are few places in the UK as prolific as the Wye for barbel, so both teams are hoping that they will hook some of these hard-fighting fish. This part of the river produces fish to well in excess of 10lb, but today it will all be about who can catch the most of them on the day.

For the final 'super challenge', which counts double, they move off of running water and head a short distance up the road to a tiny lake set in the heart of the Herefordshire countryside.

It may not look much, and the guests are probably left wondering what all the fuss and excitement is about, but they are about to engage in a quest to catch some carp on one of the most famous and historic venues in the UK - Redmire Pool.

These carp have seen it all over the years and won't be easy to tempt, so they will be increasing their chances of success by spending a full 24 hours on the bank, and by the sounds of it, camping may not by that high on the list of things that at least one of the celebrities enjoys doing! Victory will be secured by whoever can outwit and land the biggest carp.

Make sure you don't miss this incredibly entertaining episode when it premieres at 8pm on Thursday April 12, on ITV4. If you aren't around then make sure you set it to record, plus it is repeated on Saturday April 14, at 12pm, and Sunday April 15, at 6.55pm.

A chub challenge kicks off this episode!

Linford couldn't out-run this barbel!