Andy Pell at Whiteacres - Day Four

Day Four

Jenny’s or Trewaters lakes were up today and both Phil Ringer and I drew on Trewaters, which was handy at least, as we were both in Phil’s van.
I drew peg 54, which was the last peg on the bottom lake, but not the end peg as 55 wasn’t in. Again, I wanted a simple match so I set up a method feeder for the island, 5m and 14m meat lines, and a margin line to my left.
This time I suffered a nightmare start to the match; after an hour I hadn’t had a fish, although Phil who was opposite me hadn’t caught much either. I could see Jon Gray on peg 42 was catching steadily and he was in pole position early on.
I began getting odd bites on my 5m line after an hour and began catching odd F1s and small carp. I could catch around five fish before I had to feed again and look elsewhere for 10 minutes before switching back to catch another four or five fish.
This was the pattern for the day really and all but three of my fish came from this 5m line, including a bonus 7lb carp.
I weighed in 48lb, which was just pipped by Jon Gray who had 52lb and Phil who had 51lb.
3rd in section wasn’t too bad, but with more experience of fishing the lake I think I could have and maybe should have won the section.