Guru star, Robbie Taylor, smashes the Decoy Winter League!

Another Guru victory this week came from Robbie Taylor, who claimed top spot in the Decoy Lakes Individual Winter League!

The 45-man league was made even more popular this year, as anglers flocked there to practice for the Winter League Final that took place at the fishery a few weeks ago. On the final match of the league, Robbie secured his league victory by adding another section win to his tally. Smiling with the £1200 winners wedge in his hands, Robbie explained:

“Going into the final round of the Tony Evans Individual Winter League I was lying in top spot with four section wins and a fourth in section. The format of the league allows you to drop your worst result and with this in mind a first or second in section would ensure I clinched the title, so it was pressure on!

“I drew some great pegs throughout the league, and managed to draw myself peg four on Oak lake for the final match. While it's not the best area, I've had the wind off my back and with no out and out flyers in my section I was pretty happy.

“Rigs for the day were pretty simple, as I set up a 4x12 Malman Dusty for fishing at 13m in 4ft of water with strung out No10 shot. This featured an 0.11mm N-Gauge hooklength and a size 20 Kaizen hook. This may seem light, especially as the it’s been a very windy day but I’m convinced light rigs have caught me more fish throguhout this series. With three No9 backshot, presenting the rig wasn’t a problem. Feeding this line was mainly done using a small Guru Pole Pot with a sprinkle lid, sprinkling in 4mm Dynamite Baits Carp Pellets with a 4mm expander on the hook.

“On my six metre line I decided to fish 6mm Dynamite Baits Carp Pellets, and this rig featured a 4x12 Malman Roob float, again with strung-out shot, and a hooklength of 0.13mm N-Gauge to a size 16 Super LWG hook with a hair-rigged micro bait band.

“The last thing in my armoury was an edge rig which I assembled for fishing to my right. The nature of the strip lakes at Decoy mean that a lot of the time the edges are the deepest parts of your peg and that was the case for me. It didn’t plumb up that great either so I decided on a corn-only attack feeding 30 or so grains at a time. The rig featured a 4x14 Malman Roob with a bulk and one dropper to a size 18 Kaizen hook and 0.13mm N-Gauge hooklink."

Robbie has been testing the new Kaizen Hooks throughout the Decoy League.

This Hybrid Feeder was a banker on days when it was too windy to use a pole.

"At the all-in I started on the short pole and fed about ten pellets in hope of an early fish or two. After a 15 minute wait I had my first carp of about 5lb but no other bites followed. A quick look on the long pole resulted in no bites but there was odd fish being caught on rods on the other bank and I thought I may have to chuck something out if things didn’t change.

“Luckily for the next couple of hours I had a steady if not spectacular run of mainly carp and the odd F1. I changed to throwing pellets at 6m and this has caught me a couple of fish at the times I’ve wanted to rest my long line. With the peg fading later on I’ve managed to nick three in the edge and at the all-out I felt I’d done enough to secure the win I needed.
“The scales arrived and my 86lb 5oz was enough to win the section with 73lb coming second. This gave me five section wins and 5 points dropping my 4th in section from the first round. Apart from the first round where I got it wrong, I’ve had a brilliant league. Well done to all the framers; my Dorking teammate Bradley Gibbons was second and Rob Goodson finished third. I must also say a massive thank you to Tony Evans on doing a great job running the league - can’t wait for next year.”

Robbie found that the noise of hard pellets entering the water attracted fish.

The swim for the final round - Peg four on Oak Lake.