Get On The Pellet - Paul Holland

"As temperatures rise at this time of year, fish can be found high in the water, searching for food. Because of this, pellet waggler or fishing shallow can score.

I tend to add another method to my armory through a session, to try and build a big weight going into the latter part of a match or day’s fishing.

So, to start with, I’d find a distance where the fish are and one that’s easy to bait with a catapult, constantly spraying pellets all day in a tight area is the aim of the game. It’s absolutely paramount to concentrate your baiting with a little-and-often approach, which is the key to the success with this method. The carp will be shoaled up at this time of year, so concentrating your feed will create a competitive feeding situation, which is the key to building large weights.

So, through the day, I’ll try to pick fish off on the pellet waggler, then I’ll alternate to fishing on the bottom, using a straight bomb set-up. The sound of the pellets dripping in through the day pulls the fish in to feed and as the temperature drops, the carp will follow and go on the feed.

Hook baits are very important for this method, especially at this time of year. Bright hook baits really come into their own as the carp will pick out bright, attractive hook baits. This depends entirely on the time of year and feeding situation. If the carp are feeding heavily then matching the hatch normally works wonders, fishing a standard pellet over the top. However, if times are hard, then bright hook baits will come into their own. Chopping and changing between the two and finding the winning combination is the key to success."

Be lucky,