Best Crucian haul ever! - Shaun Hodges

Guru all-rounder Shaun Hodges took a mind-blowing catch of crucians recently – topped by an amazing four over the 4lb mark. He targeted Godalming Angling Club’s Marsh Farm complex, a venue noted for its huge crucians. Shaun’s dream catch came after some homework revealed that a small bay at the shallow end of the lake had produced fish recently. Rather than fishing straight away, Shaun opted to bait his swim and leave it overnight with no lines in the water. His tactics paid off because, two hours after casting out his Guru Method feeders in the morning, Shaun began to amass a catch of fish that was to be truly historic.
Over the course of that day, and the one that followed, Shaun took 19 three pounders and four four pounders, topped by a 4lb 5oz specimen. Check out next week’s Angling Times for the full story!