Why Use The Bayonets - Team Guru

At this time of year, speed is everything. It’s simple, get the method right, be quick to react and reap the rewards.

One way to make sure you’re quick and effective whilst in a match situation is having the right tackle. Our Bait Bayonets make changing tough boilie or artificial hook baits quicker than ever. They’re a simple, twisted metal spike with a ring on the end, which allows it to be tied to a hair rig.

How to use them is simple, mount the bait on by pushing the bayonet into the boilie right up to the eye. This will provide a secure attachment, allowing long, forceful casts to be made, safe in the knowledge that the bait will stay on.

This means you can easily chop and change between different hook baits, which can be a huge advantage when you’re fine-tuning your baits and trying to find the winning bait on the day.