Steve Parry Answers Your Questions

Q: How can I make my hook baits and method mix standout from the bloke next door?

Steve Parry says:

Since the introduction of method moulds, the art of method fishing has become even more popular and it seems every angler on the bank is now fishing it. Fish have seen everything nowadays, so to keep on top of the pack, you must continuously be looking for that extra little edge.

This is where the help of the bivvy brigade has come in; their knowledge of colours and flavours are invaluable and we can learn a lot from them.

In years gone by simple pellets, corn and meat would be my range of hook baits. Now I wouldn’t go the bank without a tub of 6 and 8mm fluoro boilies, sinking and pop-ups. I’ve started to boost those hook baits, adding some extra attraction with the Goo. With out doubt it has made a massive difference to my catches; I have recently won and framed in 11 matches on the run, fishing method using fluoro hook baits and covering the loaded feeder with Goo.

A perfect set up would be an X-Safe feeder, if allowed, or an inline Guru method feeder. 0.19mm N-Gauge hook link to a 14 or 12 QM1. For some reason, different colours and flavours work better on different days, so keep changing your hook bait colour and you will soon work out what’s fishing best on the day. Also, most definitely have a bottle or of Goo you will be amazed at the results. So, with bright hook baits and a bit of Goo, your feeder will definitely stand out.

Good luck and tight lines.