It’s product launch day! The day when you can finally get your hands on the products that our team has been slaving over (and guarding fiercely, such is their effectiveness) for months! We’ve rarely been so excited about a launch before, and justifiably, because the four new releases are set to change all of our fishing, for the better…

Headlining our launch are the new Pellet Feeders. The development team are rightly excited by these little perfectly formed beauties. They are more compact than our original Pellet Feeders, and have been exhaustively tested to ensure that the configuration of holes allows for the quickest, most consistent bait release of any feeder.

They fly superbly, thanks to the carefully tweaked, weight-forward design and the hook bait placement is every bit as positive as the original feeders, allowing you to get super-quick bites when fish arrive and feed.

Here’s what Guru brand manager, Adam Rooney, had to say about them, ““Our current range of pellet feeders have served us well,” explains Adam Rooney. “But there has always been a gap in the range for a mini version – however, we found it hard to create a smaller version with sufficient weight.

“But, with the birth of the recent Hybrid Feeder, which is made using a new type of material where the weight is in the body of the feeder, rather than being a separate weight, it made it possible to produce a feeder with the correct weight to make it efficient and useable in most fishing situations. Using the new material benefits the new Mini Pellet Feeder in many ways.”

The unbreakable design and commercial camo colour have been perfected over many months of testing by Adam Rooney, Pemb Wrighting, Steve Ringer and the Guru team and the feeders are X-Safe compatible, meaning they can be used with Guru’s safe elasticated Speed Stem system.

That brings us nicely onto the Speed Stems. Adam Rooney, Steve Ringer and Pemb Wrighting brought their considerable experience to bear when coming up with these stems, a product that they would use EVERYWHERE.
These elasticated stems are totally fish-safe, and fit all of the Guru lead systems. What’s more, with the addition of a Speed Bead arrangement, they allow for lightning-fast changes of rig and indeed feeder type; allowing you to adapt to ever-changing demands of top-flight match fishing.

The stems are available in two lengths for short and medium to long-range fishing and two elastic strengths – black and white – for targeting smaller or larger fish. For example, the black (heavy) elastic is great for larger carp and big bream whilst the lighter white version is perfect for F1s, bream, skimmers and smaller carp.

Finally, we have two new main lines, Pulse Line monofilament and Pulse-8 braid. Both are set to redefine standards in their sectors, with more feel, precision and casting performance than their competitors.
Pulse Line is a tough, thin, low-stretch mono that has been given a subtle tint to allow it to match a wide range of water conditions, particularly those on commercials. In terms of casting performance, you won’t have seen anything like it! It’s silky smooth and limp, and whispers off the spool effortlessly.
Pulse-8 Braid mirrors many of the characteristics of Pulse Line, indeed, taking them further yet! It has zero-stretch, is super-thin and extremely supple, thanks to its eight-carrier braid technology. Adam Rooney and Steve Ringer have been testing the braid extensively while tip fishing, and report that bite detection is unrivalled.

We’re also expanding the range of bait bands today, and although very much on the undercard of this release, our new 2mm Micro Bait Bands will surely find favour with plenty of you!

Pop to your local Guru stockist today to be the first to benefit from these new bits!