Andy Pell at Whiteacres - Day Two

Bolingey is a lake that all anglers love fishing as it is full of hard-fighting carp and big weights are always on the cards.
I pulled out peg 45, which was a good draw, but alterations meant that although 45 is an end peg, it no longer had any features to hold fish in the margins.
With the weather now taking a turn for the worse, a gale had blown up over night, any chance of fishing long in the peg had gone. I set up pole rigs to fish at 5m on meat, at 11m deep and shallow and two margin rigs at top two plus one and at 16m. Both long rigs were set up just in case the wind eased or changed direction allowing me to try them.
I started the match at 5m and managed a couple of carp in the first half hour, while doing my best to ping pellets on both long lines.
Things went very quiet so I decided to have a look on the long, 16m line across to the margins. It was almost impossible to fish but I gave it a good go and managed to catch a couple of carp but eventually the wind became to much and I had to abandon fishing long altogether.
This left me with the 5m line and a margin to my left.
I only managed two more fish from the 5m line and a couple from the margin line. I was gutted as I knew I would be almost last in the section and there was nothing I could do about it. You couldn’t hold a fag let along a pole and even fishing at 5m was hard work.
Whiteacres regular Malcolm Proctor was opposite me on peg 27 and he had also struggled. I ended the match with 33lb and second from last in the section, which included all the flyer pegs on the island part of the lake. Malcolm was last with 29lb so it was a match to forget for us both.