Fishing Shallow - Steve Ringer

“With the carp finally starting to feel a bit of sun on their backs, I think its safe to say they should be on the move this weekend. Don’t expect them to be in summer mode just yet, but there should definitely be a few fish to be caught.

I think shallow water will hold the key, as this is where the water will be warmest and consequently will be where the carp want to be. Of course, not all swims will offer shallow water and if this is the case, then don’t be afraid to come shallow on the waggler or even the pole.

On the subject of the waggler, I wouldn’t be expecting the carp to come too high in the water, so if fishing in 8ft of water I would be looking to set my float to fish at around 5ft. If the carp come higher then I can adjust the depth accordingly, but for me, it will definitely be a case of starting deep. Feeding should also be kept minimal with just one or two pellets on a regular basis being all that’s required. Remember, the carp will be up in the water because that’s where they want to be so they won’t want loads of bait firing at them.

Going along with the theory of the carp wanting to be in the shallow water, another area not be neglected is the margins. Now depth will also be key here as with the water still being clear I don’t see the carp wanting to come into really shallow water so instead I would be looking at 2ft in terms of depth for the carp to feel confident. Feeding wise the margins is an area whereby you don’t need to be shy and I’d be looking at baits like groundbait and dead maggots or even meat and corn and plenty of them! Timing will also be important and I wouldn’t be expecting carp to come in the edge and feed till late on, so in a match the last two hours and if your pleasure fishing probably from 2pm onwards.

Good luck!”

Steve Ringer.

Thanks to the Angling Times for suppling the pictures.