Barbel Bonanza - Dean Macey

Dean Macey has been in red-hot form recently, taking a string of double-figure barbel topped by two over 12lb.

The first of his big ’uns came from a tricky, pressured southern river. Arriving at the river for an afternoon session he wandered around baiting three different areas for five hours before seeing signs of fish, in a totally different swim to where he had been baiting! He baited with five droppers of Hinders Salt n Pepper hemp and left it to rest for an hour. Then with the light starting to fade, he managed to place his small PVA bag of Hinders small Elipse and Mainlines New Grange pellets in between some streamer weed where he hoped they would be willing to feed over his bait. Dean didn't have long to wait for his first bite but unfortunately it wasn't from the barbel but a giant crayfish. He replaced the bait straight away and within 20 minutes the tip went round properly and he found himself doing battle with a very angry barbel. At 12lb 5oz it was well worth making the effort to get out for the afternoon, proving you don't need bundles of time to catch a whacker.
Dean’s successful tackle comprised 10lb SUBline, Micro Lead Clip (fished running), 10lb IQ2 hook link and a NEW size 10 MWG barbed, to a trimmed down 11mm pellet wrapped in New Grange paste as a hook bait. He used a similar approach shortly after to take his second 12lb specimen, this time from the River Kennet. Landing fish of this calibre certainly means that the new MWG Barbed hooks pass their testing with flying colours!