The Guru Pellet Waggler Range - OUT NOW!

This week has seen the launch of one of the longest standing projects at Tackle Guru – the Pellet Waggler range! After been in the design and testing process for two years, the waggler range has hit shops today, and the guys at Guru are super excited!

Brand Manager, Adam Rooney, explained how the waggler project progressed from early days:

“At Tackle Guru, we’ve wanted to develop a complete range of pellet wagglers for some time. Our aim was to produce a quality range of floats to cover all eventualities of pellet waggler fishing. Each of the float styles we’ve produced is tailored to do a certain job, maintaining lots of small but important features to help anglers catch more fish, with floats that last.

“The floats took a long time to develop, and to be perfectly honest it was during one of our later tests that we discovered we needed to make a key alteration which prolonged the project for even longer! Nevertheless, we found ways of strengthening the floats further in these final stages, and we made the appropriate changes to make the products to the best standard we could.

“While developing and testing the wagglers, there were several other products that came into the limelight which would also help anglers and improve the performance of the wagglers in the shape of the Waggler Converters and Adapters. As often is the case, time spent on the bank with our consultants helped us tweak the range to the finest detail. The Converters cock the Foam Wagglers perfectly, and are incredibly easy to use. The Adapters are a considered micro swivel and an adapted snap link. These feature a large, rounded clasp that is easy to open, but more importantly allows the waggler to move around to find a natural position to improve the accuracy of a cast. I’m looking forward to seeing anglers enjoy catching fish with the range as much as we’ve enjoyed developing it!”

Pemb Wrighting, Guru’s Product Developer and a Guru himself, worked closely on the project with Adam and the Guru consultants. He’s thrilled about the launch, and said:

“I absolutely loved the developing process of the pellet waggler range, as this has always been one of my favourite methods to fish personally. In the area that I grew up fishing, the pellet waggler was a deadly method. I learned from an early age that the float you used had a big influence on what you caught. I was lucky to speak to and fish alongside some brilliant pellet waggler anglers, fishing venues like Gold Valley Lakes with Will Raison and Paul Holland to name just two. All the most consistent angers on this method used to make their own floats, and I also started doing it to be honest. Having done this for years, I couldn’t wait to get hands on with a project at Guru to design a range properly.

“The most satisfying part of the project for me was taking what we’d learned with our consultants in testing, and applying changes to the floats. It was then a case of getting out with them again and seeing if the changes had worked. Loads of the small features took a lot of tweaking, such as the positioning of the flights, the shape of the turned-brass base and anti-dive disk, even the balsa or foam used and paint or varnish applied. It was interesting to learn that the noise made by the float on entering the water made a difference to what you caught, and all three of the floats enter the water slightly differently to have a different effect.”

Flights have been strategically positioned to enable the most accurate casting possible.

One-piece turned-brass weights are engineered to be extra durable to last a long time.

Steve Ringer was another of Tackle Guru’s consultants who helped to test and develop the wagglers with the Guru team. Steve commented:

“This has to be one of the longest product projects at Guru that I’ve been involved with. While testing the wagglers, we had some really memorable days too! I went to Earlswood Reservoir numerous times with the Guru Team. One day Robbie Taylor caught a stunning 24lb common while testing the floats, and not so long ago I managed two huge carp for the cameras. I didn’t have any scales, but the they must have been pushing 20lb. The video is appearing on here this week!

“The great thing about the Guru Pellet Waggler Range is that it makes things easy for the anglers. For their short range and extra shallow work such as casting tight to banks or islands, the Foam Pellet wagglers are perfect. Plus, there’s the converters that make using them super simple. No line-damaging shot are required and the wags fly like bullets with the Converters on. Still there’s the option to use shot too if you prefer! When mugging fish that you can see swimming around under the surface, these floats are deadly. You can accurately cast them just infront of fish, and they make minimal noise so not to spook cruising fish.

“The two sizes of Balsa Wagglers have different uses. The thinner 10mm versions suit short to medium range work for mixed fish. The 6g version is ideal for island work and short casts, and the 8g and 10g wags can be punched out quite a way. These are ideal floats for fishing 20 to 35 metres - super effective in open water. The bigger 13mm ones come into play for me when I’m casting a long way to reach fish. On places like Earslwood and Boddington Reservoir, having the floats that cast accurately at distance are vital, and help you catch fish that few others can’t reach. The thicker Balsa floats make slightly more noise when they enter the water too. On big, open, windy venues, this definitely draws fish up to your casting area. Both diameters of Balsa Wagglers sit stable in wind and waves, which is another important factor giving you ultimate presentation. Thanks to their extra accurate loading, they don’t require any shot and can be secured on the line using Extra Tight Line Stops. This gives you a free-falling hookbait mimicking the loose feed and fooling as many fish as possible.”

What’s available in this latest Pellet Waggler launch?

Balsa Pellet Wagglers – 10mm
Sizes Available: 6g, 8g, 10g

Balsa Pellet Wagglers – 13mm
Sizes Available: 10g, 12g, 14g

Foam Pellet Wagglers (Two per pack)
Sizes Available: 2SSG (3.2g), 3SSG (4.4g), 4SSG (6.5g)

Waggler Converters (Two per pack)
Sizes Available: 2SSG (3.2g), 3SSG (4.4g), 4SSG (6.5g)

Waggler Adapters (ten per pack)

Waggler Adapters - the large rounded clasp helps the float fly truly on the cast.

Waggler Converters - perfect shotting, precise casting, fish-attracting noise and no-shot required.