Fishing Gurus - The Story So Far - Dean Macey

Last week saw the last days filming of the 2013 Fishing Gurus series and what a rollercoaster ride it has been.

Filming any fishing show brings with it an enormous amount of pressure, whether its organising the camera crew, weather being on your side or most importantly, making sure everything goes smoothly. Fishing Gurus is growing each year and is a pleasure to be a part of it. Here’s the story so far…

This season started off with a bang when I visited local water after my favorite springtime species, the tench. Even though we didn't get stuck into any of the bigger residents, we did manage to bag shed loads during the trip. The highlight was without doubt having four tench; yes four fish, in the net at one time. Talk about getting into a pickle!

Next up for the crew were a couple of shows on the wonderful River Wye. This time it wasn't just myself enjoying all the spoils. My good friend and quite possibly the most gifted angler I know, Steve Ringer, joined me on the most magical day of the fishing year. The opening day of the river season, June 16th. We worked hard and covered lots of ground, even trying to bag a few on the float before reverting back to the tried-and-tested methods. The action came thick and fast when we found them, and boy did we find them! Oh, and Steve did his very best to lose my gear on several occasions!

Then Fishing Gurus went international, taking on the best Korda and Guru Europe had to throw at us. Ali Hamidi and Guru Product Manager Adam "Roonpig" Rooney went out to Holland in the enemy's back yard, putting up a fight that a patriot would be proud of. To present and run the rule over such a brutal competition took courage, but I just about managed it over the two shows! The showstoppers for me were the awesome grass carp that were so prolific for both teams, what amazing creatures. With just three shows of this series remaining, the Gurus and I visited Gold Valley for a couple of days featuring ex-footballer Jimmy Bullard, fishing against Steve Ringer. Who comes out on top? I’ll leave you to find out.

To finish the season off we were at a new venue for me, but one that our Gurus have spent many successful days on, Barston Lake in the West Midlands. This show is an insight into how Steve Ringer and Adam Rooney tackle this particular venue, after having some success through the year.

Here are the final shows to come.

09/10/2013 Show Six 18:30 Sky Sports Ashes

10/10/2013 Show Six 06:00 Sky Sports 4

10/10/2013 Show Six 11:30 Sky Sports 4

16/10/2013 Show Seven 18:30 Sky Sports Ashes

16/10/2013 Show Seven 20:30 Sky Sports 3

17/10/2013 Show Seven 00:30 Sky Sports 4

17/10/2013 Show Seven 02:30 Sky Sports 3

17/10/2013 Show Seven 04:30 Sky Sports 4

17/10/2013 Show Seven 06:00 Sky Sports 3

17/10/2013 Show Seven 09:00 Sky Sports 3

17/10/2013 Show Seven 11:30 Sky Sports 4

17/10/2013 Show Seven 14:00 Sky Sports 3

17/10/2013 Show Seven 16:30 Sky Sports Ashes

23/10/2013 Show Eight 18:30 Sky Sports 3 

24/10/2013 Show Eight 00:30 Sky Sports Ashes

24/10/2013 Show Eight 02:30 Sky Sports 4

24/10/2013 Show Eight 03:30 Sky Sports Ashes

24/10/2013 Show Eight 09:30 Sky Sports 3

24/10/2013 Show Eight 11:30 Sky Sports Ashes

24/10/2013 Show Eight 13:30 Sky Sports 4

I hope you have enjoyed the series so far and continue to enjoy watching them just half as much as we all enjoy making them. Please don't be afraid to come and say hello if you see any of us on the bank, we don't bite… much!

Enjoy your fishing.

Dean Macey.