Sneak Peek - Bait Bayonets

Here’s a quick sneak peek at one of the exciting products that you can expect to see from Guru this year. Our new Bait Bayonets are set to make changing tough boilie or artificial hook baits quicker than ever! They’re a simple, twisted metal spike with a ring on the end, which allows you to tie it to a hair rig. To mount a bait, all you need to do is to simply push the bayonet into the boilie, right up to the eye. This will provide a secure attachment, allowing you to make long, forceful casts safe in the knowledge that your bait will stay on.
If you want to change hookbait, then there’s no fiddling about with hair stops or needles, simply pull the bait off the spike and impale another one! The Bait Bayonets will be in shops from April.