New Guru Trainers are in shops now

Following months of on-the-bank testing, the Guru trainers are in shops now and we believe that they’re the perfect angler’s footwear with many useful features designed to make life easier for the match, specialist and pleasure fisherman.

With a mid-top design and waterproof shell encasing the angler’s foot, they’ll withstand immersion into shallow water in the margins, puddles and the dampest grassy banks, keeping your feet warm and dry whatever the weather.

The material is also breathable, which eliminates problems with sweat build-up, and there’s a high-viz strip on the inside of the tongue which allows the specialist or pleasure angler to locate them at night.

Guru brand manager Adam Rooney said: “A well-developed, practical trainer that meets a lot of angler’s needs, as well as being waterproof and combatable, these trainers look the part too. We've had an amazing response to them so far and they're already proving to be hugely popular."

Designed by our in-house apparel team in stylish black, white and orange, they sport a subtle Guru logo embossed onto the body of the trainer and matching black laces. The RRP is £49.99 and they're available in sizes 7-12.