On Limited Time - Dean Macey

It's always tough getting out on the bank during the athletics season, even though I've been retired for some time now. Fishing is a big part of my life, but so too is my coaching, and at times I have to put the rods away for a few weeks and get my head down and do some proper work.

The short evening trip had been planned for some time and even though the weather looked perfect for the few hours I was fishing, the river was still painfully low and clear. My friend and I found fish and managed to get them feeding quite quickly on mixed Hinders Elips pellets, but I knew that the conditions would make it difficult to trip up one of the barbel that had their heads down. All in all, there were quite a few fish feeding, but I wanted to try and target one of the bigger residents that were almost certainly over 10lb.

That plan looked like it was going to work as the longer I left the fish to feed, the more confident the bigger fish became and pushed them to the front of the queue. Unfortunately, having not been on the bank for a month or so my first cast was a little off and I landed the 2oz gripper on their heads, spooking the whole shoal! We all cock it up sometimes, but this opportunity was too good and I gave myself one hell of a talking to before the next cast. After the dodgy start I got my act together and although the fish never really got back on the feed like they are at he start of the session, I managed three belting barbel, all between the 6lb and 7lb mark.

A great afternoon’s fishing on limited time.

Dean Macey