Attack That Peg - Andy Bennett

Now the weather’s warmed up and the water is at a good, steady temperature, the fish are really on the feed. So, attacking your peg is the name of game. I’ve always been an angler who sits down to win every match I fish; I’m not saying you can win from every peg, but if you don’t fish positively enough, then you will never surprise yourself.

At this time of the year, fishing in shallow water on commercial, in around 1-2ft of water, is the key. Anything more, line bites and foul hooking fish become a problem. I always adopt at this approach at this time of the year and it’s always served me well. Now, if you don’t have any shallow water, then fishing shallow into open water or fishing shallow up to the far bank cover is how I would approach the peg. In my last 14 matches, I’ve managed to win ten matches; two seconds, a third and a section win on four different venues applying this simple approach.

This is simply because the fish want to feed either up in the water or in shallow water, so by spending most of the match attacking these areas of the peg then half the battle is won. All you have to worry about then is bait selection - fish like roach and small skimmers become a nuisance fish at this time of the year, so trying to avoid these with bigger baits can help build towards the bigger weights needed. Also, making sure your gear is up to the job for the bagging sessions that summer brings is another key factor. All my rigs are tied up on 0.19mm N-Gauge to either 0.13mm or 0.15mm hook lengths of the same material. Hook choice, is always the LWG, for all my summer fishing, combined with White Hydro elastic and you have a good solid, durable setup that can cope with a large volume of fish… nothing could be simpler.

So, while the weather’s warm and the fishing is good, get yourself on the bank and remember, keep things simple, but attack that peg and hopefully you will see your results improve too.

Andy Bennett.