River Wye - Dean Macey

Guru brand manager Adam Rooney and top all-rounder Dean Macey traveled to the picturesque River Wye to test some exciting new Guru products this week. As well as putting the new kit through its paces, the duo hoped to bag a fish or two along the way, Dean runs us through their session…

“When most people write about their fishing on our website its normally on the lines of a big match win, or a specimen fish banked. This isn’t one of those stories I’m afraid to say, not for me anyway.

There’s a lot that sets the very best anglers apart from the rest and that is consistency. They can still produce the goods, even when the going gets tough. When there are bites to be had, and without blowing my own trumpet, I like to think that I’m quite adaptable and for most part, consistent. On the other side, when I have a stinker, boy do I have a stinker! My last trip to my favourite venues in the UK, The River Wye, was definitely one of those sessions.

We weren’t there just for the social; it was predominately a session to test some new products. The temperatures looked good and with 7ft to 8ft of water on, the Wye looked mighty adversary, but breathtaking at the same time in its autumnal colours.

We booked a stretch called Lower Hill Court, run by the Wye and Usk foundation. On arrival we walked the stretch and earmarked a few likely looking areas. We decided to toss a coin for first choice of swims. Adam won the toss and within a few minutes found himself bent double into his first barbel. I did the honours with the netting and to be honest, this is pretty much carried on through our trip. Wherever he plopped his feeder filled with Hinders Barbel Bomb ground bait, mixed with Elips pellets and Mainline’s New Grange Response pellets, he seemed to get a pull round. I on the other hand, couldn’t even buy a bite! On the first day Adam worked his socks off and with a grin wider than the river is long, managed six wonderful barbel to just shy of 8lb.

The second day came with the news that we were expecting about 1.5m of extra water through the day. So, we had to make hay while the sun shined. Once again Adam was off to a flyer and this time kindly offered me a go in his swim, after an ear-bashing at dinner the night before. I kindly accepted, but the result was to sum up my luck. I flicked my feeder in the ranging current and the tip thumbed round and dropped back indicating a barbel had hooked itself and dislodged the feeder. I lifted into the fish and it felt a satisfying resistance. Just as I shouted out the joy of finally hooking one, the bloody thing fell off! Needless to say the rod went in the bushes and the kettle went on for a well-deserved Lemsip. Adam found this incredibly amusing and in truth so did I. I’ve said it plenty of times that I would quite happily blank at the Wye, just because of its beauty. Few just a few hours left I decided to double up with Rooney for a nice social to finish the session off nicely. I’m glad we did, after 20 minutes Adam’s tip pulled down for the 14th time and after a little scrap, I was pleased to net and weigh a PB of 8lb 13oz.

Overall, what a fantastic trip with a good friend who I’m sure, will never let me forget this session for a long time. We did some work and I did eventually get the barbel I was waiting for.”