Another Big Brace For Macey

Dean Macey has been back among the big chub, early in the New Year. Targeting a stretch of the River Lea that has produced fish to over 7lb for him in the past, Dean noticed that two favoured swims were free as he left the fishery in the evening. Planning to return the next day, Dean baited the two swims with six Mainline New Grange boilies each (he generally prefers not to prebait on rivers, especially in the winter, hence the extremely small amount of feed).
On his return the next day, Dean drip-fed maggots into the first swim for 45 minutes before his first trot through with the float. An awkward, gusting downstream wind meant that Dean only had the occasional, short window when trotting was possible. On his very first trot the float dipped at the end of the run and he latched into a 6lb 1oz chub.
For the next hour, the only bites came from minnows, signalling that there were no feeding chub left in the swim. He had parked at the furthest point away from the second baited swim and spent 20 minutes debating whether to move. Eventually, the prospect of another big chub persuaded him to do it and he was soon settling into the second spot.
Although this swim was perfect for float fishing, Dean couldn’t raise a bite and decided to change over to the bomb just before dusk.
He set up a running Korda Grippa lead, which was plugged with paste, running on 10lb Guru Drag Line main line and attached to a 15lb Korda N-Trap hook link with a very short hair. The rig was baited with a glugged, chopped down New Grange boilie, wrapped in New Grange paste. Dean also slid on a small PVA stick, filled with Hinders Barbel Bomb groundbait and New Grange Response Pellets, along with some New Grange dip for extra scent.
He swung the setup out and 30 minutes into dark he was in! The big fish fought well in the fast flow under Dean’s rod tip but eventually he was able to land his second six of the session at 6lb 15oz! Amazingly, this is the third brace of sixes that Dean has banked this winter!