The big perch hunt continues - Dean Macey

The big perch hunt continued for me this week with two short afternoon sessions - both couldn't have been more different in terms of the results.

On my first visit I was faced with freezing winds and, due to the venue being the only one in the area that wasn't frozen, there were quite a few anglers on, so I was forced to fish right in the face of the chilling breeze.

For my efforts I ended the session with frozen fingers and two dropped fish. Not the best of results!

On the next trip, the wind had swung round to a north easterly - still not ideal but at least it gave me a chance to fish the same area as before. This time I would be more comfortable as I was off the back of the breeze.

Again, the session was only a few hours long, from 2pm until dark, and again I had two chances, but this time I landed both fish. At 2lb 10oz and 2lb 15oz I was very happy with the result.

I'm not getting that many chances in a session but if I can keep nicking a couple of fish every trip, I'm sure a big girl isn't to far off. I hope!