Sneak Peek - LWGF Hooks

Here’s some important news for those of you who like your feeder work. The Guru hook range is set to grow once again, with the imminent release of the LWGF Special pattern, which stands for Light Wide Gape Feeder.

This pattern was developed by Guru for ‘natural’ waters, rivers and canals in UK and Europe. Steve Ringer and Adam Rooney tested them on the big reservoirs, primarily fishing for bream, but they’re perfect for hybrids, roach, skimmers and perch too. In fact, due to its versatile spade-end design, the LWGF is great for pole work too.

Technically speaking, the hook is super-fine, yet strong, thanks to the fact that its black nickel finish. It features a micro-barb and wide gape with beaked point. The range is set to include sizes from 20 up 10 and there are plans to release 1m ready rigs perfectly tied with the LWGF pattern.

We’re expecting the hooks to drop in October, but keep your eyes on the site for more details.