Catch More Tench - Dean Macey

Tench have got to be one of the most popular species during springtime and if you approach them right, they can be very obliging with multiple hits to be had. But there are a few things you will need to get right.
So here are my 5 top tips to hopefully help you catch a few more

1 - Location is the key. Tench will almost always show themselves at first light, so make sure you are at the lake with your eyes peeled at the right time and let them tell you where to fish.

2 - Don't be afraid to bait reasonably heavy even on a day session. I have had many days where I've taken the little and often approach just to nick the odd fish here and there. Then come lunchtime decided to spod out half a bucket of bait and the bites then came much quicker. So now when I'm confident I've located some fish I have no hesitation in giving it to them right from the start. Be bold and reap the rewards.

3 - Accuracy is paramount when spodding and regularly recasting feeders. Keeping it tight will get you more bites. So make sure you take you measuring sticks so you can clip all you rods up to the same spot and make sure you hit your skyline markers every cast.

4 - Keep working the swim at all times. Once you've got some bait out, make sure you recast the feeders every 45 minutes without fail and after every fish or two top up the swim with 3 mini spods of bait. Tench are rebound for liking the dinner bell so ring it all day long and keep the bites coming.

5 - Play it safe and use the rubber. No, I'm not being rude; I'm talking about the Korda Fake Food or artificial maggots that many other companies sell. When your recasting that many times with 2/3 rods all day the last thing you need is to re-baited all the time. And when you have given them a buffet to feed on, they won't be able to tell the difference until its too late.

Stick to theses very simple principles and I'm sure you'll bag a few red-eyed monsters
in no time.

Enjoy your fishing.