Tackle Guru's New Products!

In the latest product launch, Tackle Guru have released Ready Rig versions of the premium Super LWG hooks, plus two new editions to the Fusion Luggage range – the 110 and 150!

Brand Manager, Adam Rooney was keep to chat about the latest launch, and said: “Our Ready Rigs are designed to make things easy for anglers, and we’ve always strived to produce the very best quality Ready Rigs possible. The new Super LWG ready rigs take pre-tied hooklengths to the next level, tied with sensible line-to-hook ratios using our mega popular hook pattern with the bait band combo. As match anglers ourselves, we understand that prep time can be minimal, so quality pre-tied hook lengths are be a big benefit! We wanted our Ready Rigs made to a level where top match anglers would happily use them. A discrete Micro Band is tied on our reliable N-Gauge line with a hair rig and knotless knot, and the six-inch lengths are finished off with a small, neat and strong figure of eight loop.

“I know that many of our Gurus are already using them, and Andy Bennett recently took the Westwood Lakes Spring Classic Festival apart using them! I noticed he trimmed them to three inches and fitted them in his rig case too, although they already slot straight in at the six-inch length too!”

Also released in the latest launch is the Fusion 100 and 150 luggage. These are two smaller editions to the popular range, suited to carrying select items of tackle, and perfect if you know exactly what you want to take for keeping things neat and tidy. Made using durable 0.8mm EVA fabric, like the other Fusions these are water resistant and feature a transparent lid so you can easily identify the contents. The finish makes them increadibly easy to wipe clean.

Tackle Guru’s Product Developer, Pemb Wrighting, has been using the new Fusion Cases for a while now, and said: “Anglers who know me will already know that I’m a stickler for keeping things minimal and taking exactly what I need! The new Fusion cases allow me to keep things organised and keep my minimal gear dry and tidy. I use mine for feeders, Pole Pots, or for storing select items of terminal gear like hooks and line when I’m travelling away.”

A hair-rigged micro band tied with a knotless knot on the six-inch rigs makes them ideal for hard pellets.

Andy Bennett recently won the Westwood festival by using cut-down Super LWG Ready Rigs.

The Super LWG Ready Rigs and latest Fusion 110 and 150 Luggage are available now!

Super LWG Ready Rigs, sizes available:
20 x 0.11mm
18 x 0.13mm
16 x 0.13mm
14 x 0.15mm
12 x 0.17mm
RRP: 3.99 for eight rigs

Fusion 110 Luggage
Dimensions: 117mm width, 190mm length, 58mm height
RRP: £9.99

Fusion 150 Luggage
Dimensions: 121mm width, 225mm length, 58mm height
RRP: £10.99

The Fusion Luggage features 0.8mm EVA fabric, durable zips, transparent lids, and easily wipes clean!

Perfect for keeping your feeders, Pole Pots or terminal gear organised!