There's no stopping Andy Bennett!

Match ace Andy Bennett has been having another good run of success lately, and had a great result on the Daiwa festival at Westwood Lakes when he took victory over the three-day event.

He put a couple of days practice to good use at the venue and learnt a lot on the two matches he fished before the festival, including winning one of them!

Andy explained: “I tried to gain some info from a few of the lads, and on the first match I drew peg 23 on Skylark and I went down the maggot route, but an hour into the match I knew something wasn’t right but it was all I’d taken to my peg. I ended up with 115lb but knew I’d got it wrong as 155lb won it from the opposite end of the lake where the wind was blowing.

“The next day I found myself on peg 23 on Osprey fishing the open match and it didn’t look great as even though it was next to the end peg the wind was going the other way. The previous day the winning weights had also come from pegs 2 and 3 at the other end.

“I was shocked though as I had a fish a chuck all day down the sides until the last hour when I had to go across, and I weighed in 130lb which was enough to win the match, and it was also the bonus peg, so was a great start to the week – more importantly I’d caught on pellet and it had confirmed what I had thought from the previous day about what bait to use.

“Day one of the festival saw me just down the bank from where I’d won from, on Osprey 21, and this time I also fed a shallow line just to cover myself, and this turned out to be a good move. I caught over 300 fish for 166lb on the pellet – this set the theme for the festival as I never used any of the worm, caster and maggot I’d brought with me - and had another match win, so it was a brilliant start to the festival.

“My home for day two was Skylark 28 and that put me in the hardest section, but probably the fairest as the end pegs tend to dominate the other two sections, but not on this one. I had a brilliant first three hours, feeding next to nothing, just enough to catch one fish at a time, and I’d caught 48 carp in that time. Then the wind got up and in the last two hours I only managed another 12 fish, but with 60 in total for 138lb it was another vital section win, and I was in the lead by 60lb going into the last day – tied on points with my mate Wayne Kearney and angling hero Will Raison, so as long as I could win my section I should be okay unless one of them had a monster weight.

“I drew Falcon 24 on the last day and there were four end pegs in my section, but at least I had an aerator, which is always going to hold some fish. I set up four rigs to cover everything and it was so windy that fishing the top five would be my limit, so I concentrated on fishing shallow down the sides with pellet.

“I had a really busy match rotating lines and catching lots of tiny F1s, but around 350 of them went 130lb, which was enough to win my section and the festival, beating Will on weight. I was delighted to win the festival, which fellow Guru angler Steve Ringer had won the year before, but luckily he was away with England this time!”