Griff on the Pull - Mark Griffiths

Recently, I’ve been fishing the Castle Ashby Winter League for our Guru team. Although there is a vast amount of pole fishing to be done, there is also a fair amount of feeder fishing too.

The fishing has been relatively hard at times and I have been fishing the braid feeder, because it picks out more bites than say, just fishing a method feeder.

There are lots of smaller skimmers, ranging from 8oz to 1lb, which seem harder to catch on method feeder tactics, yet you will pick them off on the braid feeder.

During a recent round of the league, I found that while fishing the braid feeder there are quiet spells between bites. I was sat on my box and had been biteless for a while so thought I'd try pulling my line to twitch the feeder and see if any results came of it. I was amazed that when I twitched the feeder I instantly got a bite, soon followed by a decent skimmer in the net.

This happened on numerous occasions and I'm sure without the twitch, the tip would have sat there motionless.

Since then I have tried this on other sessions both on bomb and pellet and even on a day fishing a waggler; on each session I’ve been able to turn a quiet spell around by twitching.

Give the twitch a go on your next session; you may be surprised how a dead swim comes to life.

Keep bagging Mark Griff