Three fantastic new Guru products are out now!

The extensive range of Guru tackle has been further enhanced by three new additions to the terminal tackle on offer.

First up is the FEEDER SPECIAL RIGS which takes the hassle out of tying your own and come tied on the very popular Light Wide Gape Feeder hook spade-end pattern.

The rigs come tied on 100cm lengths of high-tech N-Gauge mono, which is very strong but with a low diameter, and is super clear, with a breaking strain chosen to suit the size of hook.

These Feeder Special Rigs are perfect for a variety of feeder and bomb fishing for species such as bream, tench and silverfish, or even smaller carp, and they come with eight on an EVA spool that will fit into the Guru Rig Box.

Hook sizes range from a 10 to 6lb line down to a 20 to 3lb line, and a spool of eight costs £3.50.

Fishing on commercials for F1s is a big part of commercial fishing and the new F1 PELLET HOOK is perfect for this type of fishing and the baits used to catch them.

The wide gape allows baits such as hooker pellets, corn, meat and worms to be used without fear of obstructing the hook point, allowing for good penetration on the strike. The fine wire means these type of baits, especially pellets, can be hooked without splitting them and they stay in place on the hook.

It is the perfect choice for a variety of different types of fishing using these baits, although the finer gauge wire means that it isn’t designed for hauling in larger carp, but should still be up to handling the odd one that you hook.

The points are incredibly sharp and beaked, and they have an over-sized spade to ensure that the whipping can’t slide over it, even when using slightly heavier lines.

A PTFE coating gives the F1 Pellet a very smooth surface, and as well as aiding penetration and giving a non-reflective finish, it also prevents them from rusting when being stored, which is especially useful on pole rigs or similar as moisture can easily get into seatbox drawers or the like. They come in sizes 14 to 22 and a pack of ten costs £1.99.

There is also an F1 MAGGOT HOOK which is the perfect shape for smaller baits such as maggots, casters, pinkies, or similar.

It has a thin wire so as not to damage the bait, and a super fine, straight point, with the narrow gape meaning the bait sits neatly on the bend.

Like the F1 Pellet Hook, it is PTFE coated, barbless and has a neat spade end, with a range of sizes from 14 to 22 covering everything from fishing on commercials for F1s right down to snatching bits on a canal in winter. A pack of ten costs £1.99.

All three new products are now available from Guru stockists, or can be ordered from: https://www.korda24.com