Tips For Hybrid Success!

Guru product development man and in-form angler, Pemb Wrighting, took ten minutes to tell us about how to get the best from the forthcoming Hybrid Feeder. Here’s the lowdown…

“My first tip would be, when soaking pellets for use with your Hybrid Feeder, treat them as if you’re using a method feeder. As a general rule, soak 2mm pellets for two minutes and 4mm pellets for four minutes, then drain off all the excess water. After 20 minutes the pellets will be ready for use.

Next, loading the Hybrid feeder. It couldn’t be simpler. In testing, the Gurus have had best results putting in a firm base layer of pellets or groundbait, followed by the hook bait. Finally, top off with a final layer of more loosely compressed feed.

Hybrid feeders can be used in all depths of water. Thanks to the holes in the base and walls, once the feeder hits the bottom your bait is realised rapidly. But thanks to the raised sidewalls, your bait will reach the bottom intact even in deeper swims.

You should tailor the size of feeder to the amount of bites you expect to get and the size of fish you’re aiming to catch. For harder days, and when targeting smaller fish, there is the mini, 24g, size. When targeting slightly larger fish, or when you want a bit more feed in your swim, there is the small size, which comes in 24g and 36g versions. And lastly, when bigger fish are your quarry and you need a lot of feed in your swim, there is the large size, available in 28g and 45g weights.

Finally, whether you prefer an Inline or X-Safe set up, with a Hybrid Feeder you can use either.”

There you have it – all you need to know ahead of the mid-July launch of this unique feeder!