Halkon Hunt Guru range announced!

Last week, Guru took great pleasure in announcing the release of a brand new GORE-TEX® clothing range, made by bespoke clothing manufacturer, Halkon Hunt. The clothing is made to order in the UK factory, and Halkon Hunt is one of the few companies in the world approved to use GORE-TEX® fabric for the manufacture of ‘made to order’ angling clothing.

The Guru range includes GORE-TEX® Overtrouses, GORE-TEX® Pole Jacket and GORE-TEX® Bib & Brace, as well as a WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell Jacket. These are available to order directly from Halkon Hunt, which can be done via email at: info@halkonhunt.com.

Sandra Scotthorne, the owner of Halkon Hunt, twice ladies World Champion and still a very active angler has already had a great response after the release of the clothing. She said: “I can't take all the credit for the design and organisation of this new clothing range, as it was Kayleigh who works for me and Adam Rooney at Guru who sorted most of it out! The clothing looks vibrant with the orange flashes and is super smart. We’ve already had a great response after the release of the clothing, and it will certainly stand out on the bankside. We’ve always been proud of the fact we can work closely with each customer to ensure the clothing is exactly what they want. The range is made to an incredibly high specification, withholding all the latest clothing features and reinforcements to make it comfortable and very hard wearing.

“It’s also worth mentioning we take a lot of pride in after-sales at Halkon Hunt, and understand your clothing is a very important investment. We’re more than happy to make adjustments, and offer advice on cleaning, care and products to prolong the life of your clothing.”

Guru’s Brand Manager, Adam Rooney, is delighted with the release of the clothing, saying: “We have wanted to do a clothing range for a while now, and felt the time was right to venture into it. Since I was a youngster, Halkon Hunt clothing has been the best you can get, and I’ve been itching to get Guru involved with the company. As a serious angler myself, I’ve appreciated the quality of Halkon Hunt clothing first hand and our first port of call was to contact Sandra to see if she would produce a top-end clothing range for us.

“Meeting the demands of modern fishing with a range of clothing was always going to be difficult. Aside from the clothing looking the part, it has an array of features and finishing touches, as you can see from the information and images. A lot of serious anglers like to have good equipment in terms of rods, poles and seatboxes, but clothing is equally, if not more important. Halkon Hunt were the only company with the level of expertise and experience to produce what we wanted, with nothing left to chance. Reinforcements have been placed in all areas vulnerable to wear, such as under the elbows, on knees and on seating places. Comfort and waterproofing has been carefully considered with linings, elasticated areas, extra high collars and Neoprene cuffs. Every zip, seam and strap is tailored to ensure the garments are durable, waterproof and fit perfectly.

“There’s no getting away from the fact that the clothing range is an investment. However, serious anglers want protection from the elements all year-round, and we teamed up with Halkon Hunt to produce the best possible clothing range we could, that will last anglers a very long time. In the future, further clothing ranges will be produced to cater for different budgets.”