Ask a Guru - Adam Rooney

Mark Bates asked Adam Rooney,

How do you fit new elastic to Guru catapults? I've recently fitted the orange elastic to my catapult and it snapped after two matches. I’ve ordered another new one, but do you do anything different when attaching the new elastic?

Adam Rooney answers:

Hi Mark,

Simply, remove the old elastic, wipe the pegs clean, then just slightly dampen the pegs with saliva, slide the new elastic on and leave for a few minutes for the elastic to take grip. It will be ready to use then.

As long as the elastic is butted up to the rib on the pouch peg, you should not have a problem. Unfortunately, the way that we use catapults, the elastic is always going to wear. We are always testing different materials and making improvements and changes to our catapults to help combat this.

However, the nature of the beast means that wear and tear are always against us. Therefore, we provide our spares at a very low price, so the costs of maintaining your catapult is kept to a minimum!