Chopping & Changing - Mark Griffiths

Winter’s right around the corner and with the cold weather fast approaching, I have found myself turning back to the trusty old Cone tactics as apposed to the more positive summer approach such as bomb and pellet.

The Cone has always caught me plenty of fish throughout the year. Using standard pellets and ground bait, topped off with a bright in-your-face hook bait has done me well in many a tough situation. But such a productive method brings the problem that every angler faces… Overuse! As a result, the fish will start becoming more aware. This is when thinking outside the box, or the ‘cone’, so to speak, can sometimes produce the goods.

Rather than just fishing hi-viz hook baits, I’ve been colouring my pellets with Ringer’s Liquid in red and yellow just to make them stand out and really give the fish something to home in on. Especially in coloured commercial venues this really can be a big edge at all times of year but now is the time when it will really come into its own.

Just like you would with your hook baits, I will always chop and change to find the best colour on the day. Goo also works extremely well with this method because not only are you adding visual attraction, but you’re also introducing an incredible smell and taste into the swim that fish just cannot resist.

At the present time, I have been doing really well dyeing my hook baits to correspond with the colour of my free offerings in the Cone. So, with one mouthful, the hook is engulfed without hesitation.

My best advice is to chop and change with different colours and flavours throughout the session. Try something different to the bloke next door because, at the end of the day, if you use the same as everyone else, you’re going to catch the same as everyone else.

So get out there, start experimenting and find your winning combination!

Best of luck,
Mark Griffiths.