Guru Fishing Week

As part of the National Fishing Month, Team Guru has been down at White Acres Fishery, holding an open week. Guru Brand Manager Adam Rooney and Lead Consultant Steve Ringer were joined by Andy Pell at the famous Cornish venue. Guru is one of five brands who each have a week at the venue, during which they help holidaymakers to improve their angling skills, or even try fishing for the first time!
The lads held free tuition for beginners as well as free masterclass sessions, Q+A sessions, demonstrations and giveaways. They also held in-depth workshops helping visitors with their pole fishing, method fishing and even pellet waggler tactics.
Adam Rooney told us why he enjoyed the week so much, “We had a fantastic week teaching and meeting people of all angling abilities.
We met some future up-and-coming match stars and families that live and die for fishing. We get a lot out of helping people, especially the youngsters, as they are the future of our sport. It’s a well-organised week run by the White Acres staff and we can’t wait to go back next year.”

The Guru week in 2013 will be open to holidaymakers at the Cornish Holiday complex and anyone who is interested should check the 2013 White Acres brochure for more details.