Episode 3 sees a clash between two top sportsmen!

Series Three of The Big Fish Off continues with two more incredibly competitive sportsmen going up against each other, and sparks are sure to fly as both have previous fishing experience!

Carl Fogarty is a god when it comes to racing motorbikes, having been crowned World Superbike champion an incredible four times between 1994 and 1999, winning 59 races along the way. He has done a bit of fishing in the past, but mostly of the sea variety from a boat, so the challenges on this show will be a bit different to what he is used to.

He is up against professional boxer Kell Brook, who at the time of filming was undefeated, but subsequently went on to lose to Golovkin in a middle-weight bout, but has since returned to welter-weight, where he has held the IBF title since 2014. Kell has always indulged in a bit of coarse fishing with his uncle since he was a kid, so should in theory be right at home during the first couple of challenges.

This episode kicks off with a visit to the Specimen Lake on the Sycamore Lakes complex, near Skegness, where the teams target golden orfe, and Ali quickly discovers that Foggy is desperately lacking when it comes to patience, and isn’t used to doing anything at a slow pace! Kell plays it cool and soon looks like he has been using a pole on a regular basis, but ultimately it will all come down to what they catch, and how quickly they can put fish on the bank.

The following day sees the teams return to Sycamore Lakes, but this time they are heading for Woodland Lake and today is all about carp, and whoever can catch the biggest total combined length of fish will claim victory.

It is tipping it down with rain and tempers soon begin to fray, as consistently catching on this lake involves casting tight to an island. One of the competitors seems to be spending more time arguing with his team captain and ultimately ignoring the advice he is being given, which is resulting in his hookbait spending a fair bit of time in the wrong area, but can they turn it around and make a comeback? Especially given that his opponent has been casting like a pro for much of the day, and catching steadily as a result of his accuracy.

The final challenge sees Carl and Kell heading a short distance along the coast to embark on some beach fishing, where they will be hoping to connect with some of the hard fighting smoothhounds which are usually found along the Lincolnshire coast at this time of the year.

Foggy is delighted to be back fishing in saltwater again, but will his confidence last, as the fishing proves to be far from easy, and the challenge goes right down to the wire as the two pairs strive to land the largest fish of the day, and secure victory in the process.

Episode Three of The Big Fish Off, Series Three, premieres at 8pm on Thursday, March 30 on ITV4, so make sure you don’t miss it!