Where Do You Start?

Jack Smart - When at a new venue, how would you approach a lake you have never fished before? What would your first plan of action be bait and method wise and why? Also, when snake Lake fishing for F1’s, what would you look for in a peg? And how would you start and work out feeding patterns?

Hi Jack,

When targeting a new lake, I'd try and get some information on it through friends that have fished it before or spend sometime researching on the venue. There are so many different ways to get information now days, whether its magazines, Facebook, Twitter or forums, it’s out there, so it’s your job to make that little extra effort and find it. If both of those channels draw a blank, I'd simply go there and fish methods that I'm confident in and work it out as you go. Keep your options open; I’d go with a couple of different baits say meat and pellets, Id then start on meat but if that isn’t working, I’d switch to pellets. In this type of scenario pellets are a great bait, as they will always catch fish so are a safe back up if your initial plan fails. The key I guess to approaching a new water is not to put all your eggs in one basket and be open to change should the need arise.

As for snake lakes, I'd look for a swim with shallow water at this time of year. That's normally indicated by being able to see some bare mud on the far bank, as apposed to dense reeds sticking out into the deeper water. Meat is very good bait when the water is warm, so I'd look to fish over to an island in 10-18 inches of water, with meat on the hook and in a little kinder pot for feed. If however shallow water is at a premium as in you cant find any id look to fish shallow across loose feeding via a catapult to try and bring the fish up in the water. With it being warm carp tend to be reluctant to feed on the bottom in deep water so it makes sense to target them where they want to be.

Hope that helps,