Get On The Bomb - Adam Rooney

Guru is set to release a clever new system that will revolutionise the way that you fish the bomb. Gurus brand manger, Adam Rooney explains…

“Our new Inline X-Safe leads will take bomb fishing to the next level. The system can be used as a standard running lead, or as a semi-fixed bolt setup, by locking a size-11 swivel into the soft rubber insert. By removing the insert entirely, and replacing it with the X-Safe stem, you can create the ultimate bomb-fishing system. This elasticated bomb setup gives you a safe bolt rig, with the added cushion provided by the internal elastic, which helps prevent hook pulls. The long stem stabilizes the setup in flight, allowing you to make longer, more accurate casts and helps prevent tangles.

To change from inline to X-Safe system, simply push out the soft rubber insert, choose either the short or long X-Safe stem, then push it through the lead and line it up with the D-shaped recess on the lead.

The quick-change clip system on the X-Safe stems allow you to alternate lead sizes and change between other X-Safe products, like the method and pellet feeder in seconds.”

So there you have it, probably the most versatile lead system on the market! Look out for them in Guru stockists soon!