First Round Knockout - Steve Parry

“Saturday was the first round of the Partridge Winter League. Myself, Andy Bennett, Mickey Rogerson and Franeck made up the Guru team for the up-and-coming weeks.

The league comprises ten different matches spread over the different lakes Partridge has to offer, Coveys 1 to 4. Even though the winters are normally cold and bleak, there's something about these winter matches that make me look forward to them every year.

With the weather being unusually mild for the time of year, the lakes have been fishing pretty well and not as 'swimmy' as they normally can be during winter.

Saying that, a good draw is still essential with the quality of anglers that attend these matches. I was given the job of drawing on the day; thankfully I pulled a few good pegs, so we were hopeful of a decent result and a good start to the league.

Before the match began I set up four rigs, ready for what I hoped would be a busy day. To start with I went with my bread rig, which comprised a 4xno10 Richie Wilson Dink, to 0.13mm N-Gauge main line, attached to 0.11mm N-Gauge hook length and a size 18 LWG on the business end.

I also set up two pellet rigs for fishing across to the far side, one of 3ft and one 4ft. These rigs would also cater for my margin work later on in the match if needs be.

Apart from the first 20 fruitless minutes spent dobbing bread, my match was pretty steady. I was swapping lines from across to my own margin in 3ft and kept a steady run of F1s coming. The last hour was spent on maggots.

My 35 F1s and one common gave me a total weight of 63lb 15oz, which was enough to easily win the lake.

The rest of the team also did very well, Andy Bennett won his lake with 64lb, Mickey won his with 59lb and Franeck came 4th with 30lb. We ended up with a total of 7 points, which won the day comfortably with the added bonus of a match win for Andy and a second for me by only a few ounces, it ended up a really good day and a great start to the league for Team Guru.

Roll on next week, I can't wait.

Steve Parry.