Guru Sponsors The Talent Pathway!

The Tackle Guru team are excited to sponsor the 2019 Talent Pathway!

The Pathway is a fantastic opportunity for young match anglers to enhance their skills, benefiting from one-to-one and group coaching from top-flight match stars and England Internationals, including Des Shipp!

We’ll be sponsoring the event by kitting-out all participants with a Guru Talent Pathway pack, containing an array of terminal tackle required for all four sessions, plus groundbait from Mainline Match!

Guru team members Matt Godfrey and Frankie Gianoncelli are taking leadership of the North and Midlands sessions. Level Two coach and southern matchman Danny Williamson is heading up the Southern Pathway. We’ll be delivering ‘Live’ Facebook feeds, plus pictures, videos and results from each of the sessions on the Tackle Guru social media pages to promote how well the young anglers involved are doing!

Tackle Guru Brand Manager, Adam Rooney, said:

“We’ve always been keen to help the younger generation, and with Matt and Frankie who run the pathway now onboard with the Guru Team, it’s a great opportunity to show more support by sponsoring the pathway. Guru will provide the young anglers with the gear they need and give them well-deserved promotion on our media pages.

“While the pathway provides a route towards international fishing, we’re keen to create a sense of community and friendship between all participants. If they make friends in angling, they can communicate about their fishing, inspire each-another, and will hopefully stay involved in angling for life.

“We’re hoping to run an international event in the UK later in the year for all Talent Pathway students, as well as maintaining our more commercial based summer event, Match Academy, and also attending National Fishing week at White Acres to encourage brand new young anglers to our sport in the summer holidays.”

To enter the pathway, youngsters need match fishing experience, and can apply here:

LINK TO APPLICATIONS HERE: https://www.anglingtrust.net/page.asp?section=706&;sectionTitle=Coarse+Angling+Talent+Pathway

Future Dates: Here’s a few dates for your diary – more info on the way soon!

Guru Match Academy:
Partridge Lakes – 15th August 2019
Makins Fishery – 22nd August 2019

Guru White Acres National Fishing Month Coaching: August 6th, 7th and 8th.